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17 May

One of the things that brings us most joy is: giving.

There’s just so much love in this world, and we truly believe that with the cooperation of every human being, we are able to solve world hunger and all other ailments in this world if we tried. We admire the organizations out there and all of the nonprofits and volunteers who devote countless hours, days and years to their specific cause to better OUR world. We love to help and do all that we can to give as much as possible.

We have definitely come a long way. Our parents migrated here from Viet Nam and struggled to make ends meet while raising four strong boys and we are not ashamed to say that we were once recipients of government assistance and the Alameda County Food Bank. One of the most cherished lesson that our mother taught us is to be humble and to always learn to give more than to receive.

This is something that has been ingrained in our mind from the time we were young, and continue to guide us to our future.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give sometimes by becoming more. – Anthony Robbins

This is a quote that brings us inspiration to be more so that we can help in a larger scale. With Peter‘s Kettle Corn, my brother, John, and I are able to grow our business and help strengthen our community and the individuals in them to grow independent and to learn that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Although we showcase a lot of our events and community festivals, what brings us most joy is when we do community fundraisers and donations to organizations we believe in. We have raised money for high school students who needed funds to participate in a Model United Nations competition, donated our product to the Alameda Relay for Life, donated to students at the SF College of the Arts to fund their art gallery, helped San Jose State University‘s many clubs and teams raise money for their various causes, raised funds for the St. Joachim‘s elementary school’s tuition assistance program and much more.

Below are only some of the many opportunities that we have been given the privilege to participate in:

The Alameda Education Foundation is one of the first organizations that we worked with. We devoted a whole summer season to raise funds alongside these wonderful members to raise money for underprivileged students who couldn’t afford school supplies.

San Leandro Crusaders invited us to come and participate in their homecoming event. We definitely enjoyed this event and loved seeing how happy they were about having us on their campus.

When we were younger, we used to be so excited when our mom came home from the food bank. We remember thinking that we were about to be in for a treat, thinking “finally, a delicious snack all my other friends eat… the good stuff!” We never imagined that we’d feel even more joy every time we drop off boxes of our kettle corn to the Alameda Food Bank.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one. – Mother Teresa

These little boys dropped by our booth at the Laney Flea Market. They came to buy one bag to share, but because they were so sweet, we decided that they each deserved a bag of their own! Here they are smiling for the camera in our Peter’s Kettle Corn apron! We’re definitely excited to see them again soon.

We are always looking for fundraising and giving opportunities. Know of any organization that can use our help? Have a favorite organization that you work for? Let us know at !

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. – Bob Marley


Humble Becomings

19 Apr

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. We say it quite often, but we sincerely thank YOU for your on-going support!

Peter’s Kettle Corn has come such a long way and it’s been such an amazing journey thus far. We started with the humbling goal of sharing our passion for a classic treat we love but never expected for it to reach so many people. We are so lucky to be well received by all of you and are proud to say that we’ve reached a few accolades in thanks to you:

– #1 on Yelp in Oakland
– Top rated Treats to try in SF Bay Area on LivingSocial
– 540 “likes” on Facebook

We are quite proud of the momentum thus far and promise to continue doing what we’re doing in gratitude to YOU, our fans.

Growing up in the Bay Area, we’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to exotic food and flavors from all over the world. As we are truly grateful to be in the middle of culinary influences worldwide, we are also glad to be a part of the huge melting pot of diverse people and culture! At events across the Bay Area, we encounter so many different people from all walks to life. Where it be at a festival, food event, Off the Grid, or a fundraising event, it’s truly the highlight of our day when we see and hear your comments and feedback to our product. We listen carefully and are amazed by all of your suggestions!

We give you our humble gratitude along with a request that you always let us know your thoughts because we are indeed listening!


Popcorn Trivia?! Guess that number!

23 Mar

Sooo… who wants to play?? Guess the EXACT amount of popcorn inside this 1gal mason jar and you could win an AWESOME prize courtesy of Peter’s Kettle Corn! Whats the prize? Find out at OTG Fort Mason tonight! Put your thinking caps on folks!

Be there & Come HUNGRY to Off the Grid for the opening of a new season of delicious food at Fort MasonCenter! There’s a great line up this year, and we’re excited to be serving you scrumptious Tamarind Flavored Kettle Corn alongside:


Tents: Chaac Mool, Lima- Peruvian, Namu, Happy Dumplings, El Porteno, Creme Brulee, Wing Wings, Don Bugito, Bombizies BBQ, Kirimatchi, Belly Burgers

Trucks: Little Green Cyclo, Kasa Indian, CupKates, Kung Fu Tacos, Hapa SF, 3 Sum Eats, The Taco Guys, The Chairman, Senor Sisig, Curry Up Now, Seoul on Wheels, Sanguchon, An the Go, Koja Kitchen, House of Siam, Brass*knuckles.

Carts: Onigily, AK Double Up, Fat Face, Alicia’s Tamales

Peter’s Kettle Corn @ Off The Grid 2012!

29 Feb

Join us opening day at Off the Grid Fort Mason on Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

Off The Grid, founded by Matt Cohen was established in June 2010 and has become a sweeping phenomenon for foodies world wide! Off the Grid “believes in the power of a shared food experience to connect communities, and …work[s] hard to maintain a shared sense of space wherever.” We believe in and support the philosophy that helped create Off the Grid. We were fortunate enough to participate in the food movement at Off The Grid – Fort Mason 2011 and are happy to be returning in 2012.

We had a great time last year where Peter’s Kettle Corn served our fun, original flavors: Horchata, Strawberry and Chipotle Lime Kettle Corn. So, what flavors do we have in store for you this year?

We have been working hard to bring you new and creative flavors that are guaranteed to satisfy all taste-buds! Recently, we successfully debuted some new flavors at the opening of SF’s Beer Week: Elote, and Tamarind Spiced Mango!

Although both flavors sold out, Tamarind Spiced Mango was definitely the favorite of the night! As such, we are delighted to serve our Tamarind Spiced Mango flavored kettle corn opening day, March 23rd at OTG Fort Mason! Be sure to come by our booth and try a free sample or keep yourself warm with a sweet treat in a Peter’s Kettle Corn bag!

Brothers and Co-Owners: John Ngu and Peter Ngu of Peter's Kettle Corn

Warren Hellman Memorial Concert- Ocean Beach, SF

15 Feb

ImagePeter’s Kettle Corn is proud to be participating in the Warren Hellman Memorial Concert on February 19th, 2012 to celebrate the life of one of San Francisco’s greatest Civic Leader, Warren Hellman. The event will be held at Ocean Beach (On the Great Highway (Hwy 1) between JFK Dr. & Lincoln Ave.)

Warren Hellman passed away late last year at the age of 77. He was a successful businessman who devoted the latter of his life to the belief of free music to the people. He funded the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival almost completely out of his own pocket every year since 2001, calling it his “selfish gift” to the city.

“What does move me is Philanthropic stuff…”- Warren Hellman

We, at Peter’s Kettle Corn, believe in the spirit of giving and are inspired by Warren Hellman’s generosity. Please join us in celebrating Warren Hellman’s life and enjoy one of his greatest gifts to the City.


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is hosting the concert as a tribute to the life of Warren Hellman, founder of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (held annually at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco) with performances from some of Hellman’s favorite performers:

Poor Man’s Whiskey, John Doe, Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane & Fats Kaplin, Dry Branch Fire Squad, Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, The Wronglers with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Gillian Welch, Boz Scaggs, Old Crow Medicine Show, Robert Earl Keen, Emmylou Harris with special guest The Go to Hell Man Clan.

Free Admissions starting at 11am. Come early to celebrate, reserve space and get your freshly popped bag of Peter’s Kettle Corn.

Off The Grid Fort Mason UPDATE

5 Apr

Off the grid has been such a amazing opportunity for us! We had the opportunity to be featured in the famous San Francisco Magazine for our unique and delicious kettle corn. Twitter and Facebook fans following Peter’s Kettle Corn for upcoming flavors, where location they will be at, and even allow follower to vote for what charity peter should sponsor next.

Mexican Horchata is the flavor that has people lining in up for every Friday at OTG Fort Mason. With a taste of the traditional recipe of long grain rice that has been grounded and a dash of fresh ground cinnamon over Peter’s Kettle Corn in every bag makes people question how this was possible. Peter is going to have new upcoming flavor like spicy Mexican Chipotle peppers with a hint of lime flavor, Hawaiian coconut with condense milk, and so much more. These flavors can only be found at OTG Fort Mason customers on Friday so if you are around town be sure to grab a bag.

We have met so many amazing business owners, news reporters, bloggers, city workers, and just people that love to eat and try new foods that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We are truly bless to have this opportunity and will promise to share our gratitude when cooking our kettle corn, and when we serve you.

All the food there is really good but we must give a shout out to Zombie Curry for there bomb a*$ curry, Little Green Cyclo for there fries, Pica Pica for everything they serve, chairman bao for their bao, and last but not least Matt and the Off The Grid crew for have such a amazing event and for giving food fanatics the opportunity to sell and buy delicious food!

2010 at a Glance

23 Feb

We, at Peter’s Kettle Corn, are happy to present our new BLOG!

2010 was a great year for us! Peter’s Kettle Corn launched efforts to participate in fundraising and new events. Some of our best events of 2010 that we were able to catalog were:

Laney Flea Market- Laney College, Oakland, CA

We are very fortunate to have an on-going booth at the Laney Flea Market. This is the home of Peter’s Kettle Corn and is the place were you can find us every Sunday, rain or shine! We are lucky enough to have a strong fan base here, with loyal foodies who come every week to support us!

Alameda Education Foundation Fundraiser at the Alameda Town Center:

We were able to help AEF raise enough money to help purchase backpacks filled with school supplies for 600 less fortunate students in Alameda! This is astounding!! We are extremely proud of this achievement and hope to continue working with AEF to promote education in Alameda.

Check out our link, and a short excerpt from CBS news!:

GoogleWeen Event- Google Inc. in  Mountain View, CA

We were lucky enough to be asked by Google to participate in their Google 2010 Halloween event. This was a great event and we were able to meet a lot of great people in the process. This is extremely important for all of us at Peter’s Kettle Corn. We are lucky enough to do what we love, and are happy to meet others who share a similar love for kettle corn!

Nihonmachi Street Fair- Japan Town, San Francisco, CA

This was an excellent show for Peter’s Kettle Corn, we were able to participate in an ethnic celebration to commemorate and appreciate the development of Asian-American immigrants in San Francisco! We enjoyed the two day event, and hope to come back again next year!