About Us

Peter’s Kettle Corn is a great balance of experience, taste and people.

We are a small vendor in Oakland, and have been cooking kettle corn at local farmers markets, flea markets and community festivals since 2007. We have grown exceptionally and have worked very hard to promote our business while enriching our community in the process.

We were recently voted #1 on Yelp and it’s due to our tasty kettle corn using finest ingredients such as: rare mushroom popcorn kernels, natural corn oil, pure granulated sugar, and a pinch of iodized salt for just the right balance of flavors. Our kettle machine plays another factor in creating a perfect balance and combination of heat to ensure each kernel is popped to perfection. In addition, our team is very passionate and really enjoys what we do, and this is evident in each batch of kettle corn popped.

Peter’s Kettle Corn is no ordinary booth, we love what we do and that you enjoy our product as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


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