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PKC now at Dan’s Fresh Produce store in Alameda

6 Apr

Yay!!! If you are a person that can’t wait for the next local farmers market to open,  then I have great news for you!
Now customers can buy fresh produce, cheese, nuts, milk, Peter’s Kettle Corn and everything else you can find at farmer’s market 7 days a week at Dans Fresh Produce at 2300 Central Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501.

We deliver fresh kettle corn every week so customers get the best quality each time they open a bag of Peter’s Kettle Corn.


Off The Grid Fort Mason UPDATE

5 Apr

Off the grid has been such a amazing opportunity for us! We had the opportunity to be featured in the famous San Francisco Magazine for our unique and delicious kettle corn. Twitter and Facebook fans following Peter’s Kettle Corn for upcoming flavors, where location they will be at, and even allow follower to vote for what charity peter should sponsor next.

Mexican Horchata is the flavor that has people lining in up for every Friday at OTG Fort Mason. With a taste of the traditional recipe of long grain rice that has been grounded and a dash of fresh ground cinnamon over Peter’s Kettle Corn in every bag makes people question how this was possible. Peter is going to have new upcoming flavor like spicy Mexican Chipotle peppers with a hint of lime flavor, Hawaiian coconut with condense milk, and so much more. These flavors can only be found at OTG Fort Mason customers on Friday so if you are around town be sure to grab a bag.

We have met so many amazing business owners, news reporters, bloggers, city workers, and just people that love to eat and try new foods that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We are truly bless to have this opportunity and will promise to share our gratitude when cooking our kettle corn, and when we serve you.

All the food there is really good but we must give a shout out to Zombie Curry for there bomb a*$ curry, Little Green Cyclo for there fries, Pica Pica for everything they serve, chairman bao for their bao, and last but not least Matt and the Off The Grid crew for have such a amazing event and for giving food fanatics the opportunity to sell and buy delicious food!